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Bulk SMS Service Provider Business in Nigeria




If the information on this page is too much for you to read, then it means that you are not ready to do this business- I will advise you to close the page and move on with your life. Also if you are looking for a business where you will just relax and money will keep flowing into your bank account, please close this page. Lastly, if you are looking for a business that you can start with N0.00 Naira and then make N100,000 daily, please quickly close this page


However, If you are someone that has been searching for a profitable business idea in Nigeria, then you are at the right place and i will advise you to read every line of this page carefully. We will not only help you to start you SMS business, we will also teach you some secrets of online marketing so that you can easily advertise your SMS business with a minimal amount. Even if you are not interested in this SMS business, what you will learn today will help you to grow other businesses that you already have.


It is time for you to benefit from running your own SMS company and becoming an SMS Service Provider. Bulk SMS is in very high demand in Nigeria because it appears to be the cheapest and most effective means of advertising. So many companies, churches and individuals are out there looking for reliable SMS Service Provider to use for their advertising and promotions. We designed and own and we have more than 20,000 active users (companies, churches, mosques and individuals) who use our SMS services to reach out to so many Nigerians. Take for example, about 150,000 SMS are sent out from this website ( daily and we make about 30 kobo gain from each SMS sent out.

The 30 kobo gain may seem too little but multiply that by 150,000 units of SMS sent out daily: That will give you approximately N45,000 daily. I won’t claim that we make N45,000 regularly everyday but no-matter how bad business is, we still make over N30,000 daily. What if i told you that about N2,000,000 worth of SMS is sent out from during elections, xmas and festive periods. Some of my friends like that started long before me even makes as much as N200,000 daily. The profit margin is high and the business earning potential is at its peak! Please drop your questions below this page and we will try to reply immediately. Please continue reading.

Even if you are not interested in having your own Bulk SMS website, you can also use our bulk SMS service at to promote your products and services.





You are not paying a dime until your portal/website has been developed and handed to you. The current cost of setting up your portal/website and starting up as a Service Provider is just N100,000 (NON-NEGOTIABLE). After the website is setup and handed to you, you will have to pay 50% of the cost and the remaining 50% will be paid within 6 months. We will allow you to make money from the business and then pay the 50% balance. We will give you up to 6 months to pay this money. In six months, you would have made over 1 million Naira so paying the balance won’t really be a problem for you. Even if you don’t have money, we will still encourage you to submit a request by clicking on the link bellow this page so that we can design it for you: It is not a crime to run away after we have designed your portal.





The first step at becoming an SMS Service Provider is having an SMS portal/website. We will set up your SMS portal/website without you having to pay a dime. You will only pay if you like what we have designed for you and after you have tested it. If after checking the website and you think that it is not good enough, then you don’t have to pay. We will give you up to one weeks to test-run and get back to us. We will build your website/portal with the information that you will submit below and afterwards, we will contact you to check it. We will also put some free credits in your SMS website and you are free to use the free credits to send Bulk SMS and Voice Broadcast.

You will be giving about 1 weeks to test and get back to us otherwise we will assume that you are not interested and your website will be deleted. We have also provided a manual (click here) so that you can understand how to manage your portal. Please drop your questions below this page and we will try to reply immediately. Please continue reading. Apart from people signing up on your platform to send SMS and Voice messages, you can also use your SMS website to advertise your other businesses.

We will also setup a free email address for your website (e.g, or or so that you can communicate with that instead of using your normal Gmail or Yahoo Mail for official communication. You are not bound to use your custom email address just for SMS communications, you are free to use it to send and receive emails to and from anybody.

Remember that an online payment gateway will be setup for you so that the customers on your portal can pay you with their ATM cards. With this online payment solution, crediting users with SMS units is automatic: You do not have to be there to credit users who have made payment; the wizard detects the payment and credit the user’s SMS account accordingly. If you have more questions drop your comments below this page and we will try to reply immediately or send an email to admin @




There are so many ways to advertise your business but we are going to introduce you to the most effective and cheapest ones. These means of advertising are the reason we have more than 20,000 registered users on this platform ( These excellent means of advertising are:



Online advertising has become more important than Nigerian businesses realize. Google is one of the fastest means to reach thousands of Nigerians. These means of advertising are usually very expensive but we have found a way around it: We found a way to get cheap advertising on Google and we are willing to share it with you.



Email marketing works and we have been using this medium to promote our services at both and and the results have been fantastically terrific. You can use this medium to get your SMS business services across to thousands of Nigerians who are interested in what you do. If you are reading this right now, then you are probably here via the link in the email newsletter that we sent to you. The newsletter is being sent out to thousands of people daily and the feedback that we get is awesome. We have more than millions of email addresses of Nigerians in our database which we have been using and we are willing to give you the whole database free of charge after your portal is set up. This database cost N50,000 if you are to purchase it alone but you will get it for free after your portal/website is set up. Even if you are not interested in doing SMS business, I will encourage you to get this database and use this medium to advertise your other businesses. Please note that we will not give you the same set of emails that we have already giving other customers. You can get some free emails here.



Using SMS to market SMS business. That sounds funny right? You can use your SMS website to send out SMS advertising to thousands of Nigerians. I have been using this medium and the results have been wonderful. We have millions of phone numbers of Nigerians that you can use to advertise your website and business; these phone numbers are grouped by states and LGAs. You can send out information about your business and website and see how so many people will be contacting you. You are also free to sell these phone numbers to your own customers. You can also get these phone numbers for your use even if you are not interested in this SMS business. Click here to get these phone numbers. You can use Truecaller mobile App to check if these numbers are active and actually belong to people. Once you try to dial any of the numbers, the name of the person will show . Please click here to download the database of Kwali Local Govt (Abuja) for free. Note that we have all the LGAs in Nigeria.





We will connect your portal/website to our reliable SMS Gateway to ensure 100% delivery rate. We own our SMS Gateway and we are connected directly to the network providers. Don’t even ask us to connect your website directly to the network providers because that is not going to happen. It took us years to negotiate the deal and we are not willing to share the idea for now.


Be rest assured that the price that you are buying SMS from us as a major distributor is not so much different from the cost price: The difference between what we get from the network providers and what we sell to you is just about 10 kobo . Even at 10 kobo gain, we still make good money because we have so many customers. In your own case, you can sell at even N2.50 kobo per SMS and make a lot of gain. For instance, if you are buying at N1.80 from us and selling at N2.50, it means that your gain is 70 kobo on every SMS that is sent out from your platform. 70 kobo gain may seem so small but you will understand that it is not small when you have about five regular customers that send about 15,000 SMS each per day. Your website will enable you to set any price that you want for your customers and you can adjust this price at any time. We will advise you not to set it too high because “THE LOWER THE PRICE, THE HIGHER THE QUANTITY DEMANDED AND VIS VASA.


Some people have problem with the fact that they are reselling our SMS to their own customers thus, making us rich. If you also have such problem, you better not waste you time here. The truth is that there is no business in this world that you will do without someone else gaining one way or the other. For instance, those who are selling electronics at their shops are not worried about the fact that Samsung and LG are making money from every sale: They face their own business and make success out of it. Please drop your questions below this page and we will try to reply immediately. Please continue reading.





For us to complete the setup of your SMS platform (website) , you will need to click on the link below and then fill-out the form correctly. We will then contact you after your website is completed in 4 days via the Personal Email Address that you will provide in the form. Please click on the link below to provide your details for the website/portal.



The interesting part is that your bulk SMS website will be completed and ready for you to start marketing and making money within 4 days.


If you have more questions drop your comments below this page and we will try to reply immediately or call send an email to admin @



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