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Email Marketing Nigeria

Promote your business using our email addresses database. If you think that emall marketing is not effective, then i should remind you that you got to this page via one of our email marketing campaigns sent to your email. Email marketing works and we have been using this medium to promote our services at both and and the results have been fantastically terrific. You can use this service to get your products and services across to thousands of Nigerians who are interested in what you do. A personalized, segmented and targeted email marketing campaign is important for brand awareness and drive conversions.
We have about 2 million active Nigerian Email addresses database which you can use for your email advertising. These Emails database of which your own email address is among were gotten from different reliable sources. More than 70% of these emals are Nigerian graduates (NYSC) between 2003 and 2015. The remaining 30% are gotten online from vibrant and internet-aware individuals. If your email address is part of this database, then that is enough proof that the rest of the emails are active and valuable.  E-mail marketing with our e-mail database is fast becoming the most reliable and profitable marketing strategy in this country. With our email database, each recipient of your e-mail campaign is more likely to patronize you. So, if you have not started using this strategy in your business, you are definitely missing a whole lot of patronage from prospective big clients. Click here to get some of these emails for free.
You cannot possibily use your Yahoo mail, Gmail or any of these regular email services to send mass email. We will provide you with mass mailing software/service. With this software, you are able to send mass email to prospective clients, you are able to insert your logo and images in your messages, you are able to know how many people that have recieved or read your message, and so much more. The software enables you to manage your newsletters and make your message to look more professional just like the email that you got from us. Click here to view or download the software manual in PDF of click here to download the manual in Microsoft Word.
The mailing software is free; you only need to purchase the email addresses to use for your marketing. The emails cost N20,000 per 100,000 emails. The price was two times higher than this two months ago so it is non-negotiable. Once you purchase the emails, we will setup the mailing platform for you to start sending your advertising for free for one month.
If you prefer to use our Bulk SMS services for your advertising, go to to register or just click here to test for free. We also have millions of active phone numbers of Nigerians that you can use for your Bulk SMS. These numbers are grouped by states and LGAs. The numbers were not generated but were gotten from very reliable sources. Those who have used these phone numbers for their Bulk SMS advertising came back with lots of testimonies. Click here to get these numbers.
If you are ready to go ahead with any of the above, please pay to any of the accounts listed below and send your payment details to 08024227424 to confirm your payment. Also note that the account below is a corporate account opened under our fully registered business (Softpal Digital Solutions). This means that there is nothing to worry about since one cannot possible use a corporate account for scam. If you want to see evidence of business registration (CAC), we can send it to you. You can also confirm the account with your bank before payment.
Account Details:
Bank Name: Zenith Bank
Acct Name: Softpal Digital Solutions
Acct Number: 1014023582
Bank Name: Diamond Bank
Acct Name: Softpal Digital Solutions
Acct Number: 0055423752
One of the most obvious benefits of email newsletter marketing is its lower cost compared to other marketing channels.
  • Email Marketing Nigeria allows businesses to target a larger and specific audience


  • Email Marketing Nigeria is always data driven. It allows the advertiser to include of details about your product or service in one mail
  • Email Marketing Nigeria drives direct sales to your business
  • Email Marketing Nigeria builds customer relationships, loyalty and even trust
  • Email Marketing Nigeria includes Company’s brand Name, logo and other informations such as website, company email, office phone numbers
  • Customizable Subject to attract attention before opening of mail
  • Email Marketing allows businesses send thier product catalogue to audiences without worrying about the cost for printing


  • Email Marketing allows your audience have the direct link to your website or social network just by clicking on the url