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Google Advertising

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Google Advertising comes in two folds; paid search advertising and display network advertising. Both of which are powerful enough to drive thousands of traffic to your business.

Google Display Advertising

This is yet another powerful tool that we can use to drive millions of Nigerians to your business.  Some companies like,,, etc, are already exploiting this avenue to reach millions of customers daily. If you visit most Nigerian News websites and Gossip blogs, you will notice that many of them have adverts on the sidebars of their websites or blog. If you do not know about Google advert, you may think that these companies had met with the owners of these websites and blogs to advertise on their platform. That may not really be the case- The truth is that, about 80% of these adverts are delivered by Google through their Advertising program.

The image below is a snapshot of The Punch Online Newspaper ( There is a advert displaying on the right sidebar; Lamudi did not pay Punch Newspaper to have that advert there, instead, they pay Google and Google displays the advert on The Punch as well as on thousands of other Nigerian websites. The process can be very complex, technical and overwhelming especially if you are not an IT person. It is very important to involve the experts who know what they are doing rather than trying to do it yourself. So many people have tried to do this by themselves but ended up donating money to Google.

We have been in the business of online marketing for more that six years now and we posses enough experience that will ensure that every penny spent on advertising is gained back.


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Google paid search advertising

The first thing most people do when they go online is to search for what they want. Whether it’s for a new pair of shoes or they are looking to buy a new car or looking for investment opportunities. The first thing you do is to search Google for it.

By using Google’s advertising platform, we can get you listed at the top of each page in order for you to get that initial boost of potential customers. So if you sell cars, you may appear at the top of a search for “Affordable Cars in Nigeria”. We’ll also create banner adverts for your campaign, so that you product/service will be visible on Google’s Network of thousands of websites. Your adverts will be targeted towards Nigerian’s, regardless of the origin of the website. Your advert will show up on every search that is related to the products your sell or services that you render. You will notice that the image below shows search results in different sections: The result on the right of the page and on the top of the search results are paid adverts.