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Helpie FAQ

  • How do I Make Money from this Business?

    You make money by selling SMS on your website. It is going to be a white-label partnership. White-label means that you are responsible for your own customers and you manage and deal with them as you deem fit. You will purchase SMS from us and stock-up your portal/website. Your customers will then buy directly from your portal/website. Your customers will never know about us; they will never know that your SMS service is being powered by another company (us). Let’s assume you purchase SMS from us at the rate of N1.50 per SMS and then you sell on your website at the rate of N2 – it simply means that your gain per SMS is 0.50 kobo. 50 kobo gain may seem so small but you will understand that it is not small when you have about five regular customers that send about 15,000 SMS each per day. Your website will enable you to set any price that you want for your customers and you can adjust this price at any time.

  • What do we Benefit from this Partnership?

    I will be a lair if I told you that we into this business all because of you. of course we also make money from this partnership because you will need to buy SMS from us to put in your website/platform. However, the aim of the partnership is not to milk you. We understand that your success is our success and your failure is our failure. We will sell SMS to you at a reasonable amount. The difference between the price that we will sell to you and the price that we are getting from the network providers will be just about 10 kobo. So our gain per SMS is just about 10 kobo. We are mostly interested in building and maintaining a strong and long-time relationship with you.

  • Why Should I Start this Business Now?

    You need to start the business now that so many people have left the business. Before now, there were hundreds of SMS companies/businesses scattered all over Nigeria. In 2017 alone, there were more than 1000 SMS businesses in Nigeria. Competition was too high that at a point, it seemed like there were more SMS companies than customers. So many people were in it and it was becoming annoying. All that has now changed with some innovations in the Telecom Industry; with the introduction of DND, it has become difficult for small players to survive in this business. Many of them could no longer deliver SMS for their customers so they had no option than to pack-up. Today, you only have few strong players like who still remains strong in the business of delivering SMS to all networks including those in DND. If you partner with us and join the business, it will mean that you are among the very few companies that provide reliable SMS services in Nigeria.

  • Does SMS Get Delivered to DND Numbers?

    Yes, delivery is 99% regardless of whether the number belong to DND or not. If you already have a website with us, you can go ahead and test with the free credits that we have provide for free in your website/portal. If you don't have a website yet, you can register on and then test with the free credit that will be provided when you sign up.

  • How do I Get Customer to Patronize my Business?

    Having a Bulk SMS website is useless if there is no clear strategy to promote it. Nobody is going to visit the website if they do not know about it. This is why we have done proper research on the best possible means to promote your business and make good returns. We will teach you the same methods that we have been using for years to reach thousands of customers on Facebook/Instagram and Google.

  • This Business is so Technical and Difficult, I am not Sure I can Handle it.

    Most Nigerians and Africans run away from businesses that seem technical and difficult to understand; they rather prefer to go into businesses that are VERY VERY easy. The truth is that those businesses that you consider to be hard are where the money is. This is because the few people who endured to understand the challenges of the business enjoy monopoly at the end of the day. We are enjoying monopoly in this line of business and I think it is about time you joined us. This business is not really difficult; it will only appears difficult to you if you position your mind negatively. Besides, our online representatives are always online to assist.